Santeri Analyzes Stream Financing Innovations
with Case Study of Pretium's Brucejack Project 

June 16, 2016

Denver, Colorado  –  Santeri Strategies LLC (“Santeri”) announces the publication of an independent case study providing an examination of the equity, debt, and stream financing that Pretium Resources Inc. (“Pretium”) has employed to complete funding for construction of the Brucejack mine.  The study posits that the terms of the financing present Pretium with the opportunity to be the star of a coming M&A show, and concludes with a proposition of how such a scenario could unfold.


As streaming deals have become an increasingly popular form of mine finance, it is generally understood that streamers secure upside exposure to market prices, mine production, and discovery while bearing limited-to-no risk on operating cost increases and future capital expenditures.  However, there are also intrinsic benefits and leveraged incentives created for the streamer which are not plainly seen by the terms set out in the term sheet.  This asymmetric risk profile comes at a cost to someone: the mining company.  The study includes a detailed look at the inherent mathematics of stream agreements, the consequences to the mining company, and potential mitigation measures. 


More details regarding the content of the case study can be found in the Abstract below.


As shown by this study, the complexities of today's mine finance deals require expertise in evaluating the terms from the mining company's viewpoint.  Mining companies face the challenge of raising needed funds while also efficiently managing capital allocation decisions, including debt repayment, share buybacks, dividends, organic capital projects, and M&A opportunities.  Santeri provides economic consulting services, taking the side of the mining company in assessing these considerations.  It utilizes dynamic financial modeling to understand the full impact of financing proposals and capital spending options and engages in collaborative thinking on the available alternatives so that mining companies can make the best decisions for the benefit of their shareholders.


As the gatekeepers of the Earth’s resources, mineral deposit owners hold the keys to our future.  The long-term health of the industry is dependent on protecting the value of those resources through sound capital management and financing decisions.  Economic analysis is then of vital importance.  The better we understand the deals, the better decisions we can make.  And ultimately, understanding begets innovation.

Santeri Studies - Abstract
Pretium's Master Plan?
How a Feat of Financing Could Turn Brucejack into the Star of an M&A Show

Pretium executed a heroic capital raise in a challenging environment where much of the rhetoric surrounding access to capital centered on balance sheets being burdened by debt and equity markets being restricted.  Pretium’s financing was anchored by a $540 million funding package completed with a syndicate of private funds in Orion Mine Finance (“Orion”) and Blackstone Tactical Opportunities (“Blackstone”) and drew on a suite of components including equity, debt, and stream financing.


As the broader industry context has propelled alternative forms of financing into the forefront of the mining sector, streaming in particular has taken the spotlight.  Closer examination of the stream financing model will demonstrate that it is built on principles from which a number of mathematical conclusions can be drawn, and that the limits of traditional valuation models prohibit both the full value proposition to the streamer and the full risk profile taken on by the miner in these transactions from being appropriately captured.

This study illustrates each of those principles, delineating the platform on which the stream capital provider stands for leveraged return and subsequently expounding the potential entanglements streams can impose on the mine operator.

Analyzing the specific terms of Pretium’s financing arrangement will show that the series of stream repurchase options included within the agreement provide a novel form of defense against these intrinsic dangers.

After examining the financial considerations Pretium will face as it advances Brucejack toward commercial production, Santeri proposes that Brucejack value can be secured by soliciting a takeover bid, a play that could relieve the impending liquidity crunch and may be supported by favorable transaction timing as an industry landscape of trimmed exploration budgets and declining grades fosters M&A activity. 

The study concludes with a viable, though hypothetical, scenario put forth by Santeri in which Zijin Mining Group (“Zijin”) and Barrick Gold Corporation (“Barrick”) make a joint takeover bid for Pretium in a transaction that would benefit all three parties by fulfilling their respective strategic objectives.


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Certain definitions, assumptions, facts and figures, including but not limited to, Proven and Probable Mineral Reserves and Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources are defined as per the Feasibility Study and Technical Report Update on the Brucejack Project, Stewart, BC (“Feasibility Study”) generated by Tetra Tech and published June 19, 2014, which is available at

Companies mentioned in this report include:


Anglo American plc

B2Gold Corp.

Barrick Gold Corporation

Black Hawk Mining Inc.

Blackstone Tactical Opportunities

Central Sun Mining Inc.

Franco-Nevada Corporation

Freeport-McMoRan Inc.

Goldcorp Inc.

Kaminak Gold Corporation

Newhawk Gold Mines Ltd.

Orion Mine Finance

Pretium Resources Inc.

RBC Capital Markets

Royal Gold, Inc.

Silver Standard Resources

Sprott Asset Management Inc.

Zhaojin Mining Industry Co.

Zijin Mining Group

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